Brands and products are main corporate assets. They are the outcomes of a corporate strategy. Their positioning and USP drive corporate success.

For most of our clients we investigate their brands and products with respect to a new market like Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Poland. The main question is whether these brands and products are suitable for these markets. In most cases they are successfully implement in another market, but there is good reason to ensure that this will also be the case in a new market.

There are numerous examples where successful products in one place are not successful in others. And of course, there also are examples where a products is universally successful. Certainly, the category is a very first indication if success can be transferred. For exmaple, food and beverages mostly need to meet the local taste. Gadgets seems to work universally.

We help our clients to assess their products for a given local market. We are not limited to consumer products but also investigate B2B-products. To assess a product for a new market we can apply several techniques, like

  • Focus groups (stationary or online)
  • Surveys
  • Test markets
  • Sensory analysis for food & beverages (along with checks for permissable ingredients).

In case of brands, which frequently are not known in new markets, it is often not a question of image but whether the name and the logo works in a new environment. Here surveys and focus groups are the main tools.

Frequently, before we start looking at the specifics of the product itself, it is advisable to perform a market scan and investigate the competitive environment.

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