Sector: Hospitality

Our client, an international hotel chain, is using mystery guesting to get an in-depth evaluation of the performance in each of its hotels. These checks help the client to evaluate improvement potentials especially with respect to guest experience. After each check, improvement measures are defined together with the hotel management on site. The checks give much deeper insights into the hotel performance as compared with standard guest evaluations or evaluations in booking portals.

In each hotel we check at least 500 criterias, in some cases up to 1.500 criterias. After each check, which can last for 3 days, the management of the hotel receives detailed feedback directly after the check. A detailed report through our mystery guesting software can be accessed by local and central management shortly after the check.

Benchmarking all hotels with each other, strength and weaknesses can be spotted easily and central management is able to quickly react in case of developments that may have a negative impact on the brand. By analysizing department scores across all hotels, an overall training concept can be derived easily.

In order to get a 360 degree view on the performance of each hotel we also check the conferencing department in terms of processes and sales skills. Here mystery calling is used to collect offers. In some cases, an on-site-visit is performed to check the presentation skills of the sales department.