For one of our clients, a large European OEM, mystery shoppings, along with mystery calling and mystery mailing are essential tools to monitor the quality of sales and service across their dealerships. These initiative are also used to identify improvement measures for better customer service or better internal processes.

The mystery shoppings were carried out on the basis of a detailed questionnaire which covered nearly all presales aspects of a normal customer. For time to time certain competence aspects are included to check the competence of the sales force with respect to new relevant topics.

Detailed reporting on various organisational levels was important to allow the client to make full use of the many thousand tests carried out annually. In addition, we set-up a dedicated project team to directly interact with the dealers to answer questions and to ensure the quality of our tests.

From time to time we also include dealerships of the relevant competition to measure not only the individual performance of the client but also to benchmark sales and service processes and offerings across a number of relevant OEMs.