Based on our experience from the hospitality industry we have developed an auditing software to be used in on-site audits to enter relevant data directly and enable access to the results within minutes.

The software was developed for hotel audits, which require the entry of a variety of structured information. Front ends and back ends are fully responsive and if the amount of data is not suitable to enter by a mobile device, there is also the option to upload a structured XLS-sheet.

Apart from merely entering the data the software helps to define follow-up measures directly within the front-end. There are several communication and tracking features around these measures to ensure the implementation of defined measures.

Also, to quickly understand the status within your organisation, several analyses can be performed right within the front-end, like comparison of results and departments between objects (hotels), regions and over time.

A well defined role-system helps you to manage access to all pieces of information.


Overview report of all objects:

Summary report of one object (hotel):

Measure template:


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