Sector: Hospitality

Mystery Guesting is part of our extensive mystery shopping competence. We have a large pool of qualified hotel tester worldwide, located in the respective market. This keeps cost of travelling low and enables us to quickly execute large scale mystery guesting projects.

Coverage of all Aspects of Guest Experience

Our mystery guestings cover all relevant aspects of the guest experience:

  • Reservation and booking
  • Arrival and Check-In
  • Rooms and public areas
  • Housekeeping and roomservice
  • Front desk services
  • Restaurants (ala Carte, Buffet)
  • Breakfast
  • Bar
  • Spa / Leisure / Business Corner
  • Check Out


Mystery Guesting Checks

Mystery guesting questionnaires normally contain over 300 check-items, which up to 1.500 items for resort hotels. In many cases, direct feedback is given to hotel management through the mystery guest. This allows to address major problems directly.

Frequently, reservation hotlines are checked in separate mystery calling projects.

For conference hotels we check respective conferencing offers, mostly based on mystery calling and mystery mailing. Sometimes we perform site visits to check the presentation skills of the conference staff on site. For conference hotels we also perform competition checks to benchmark one’s own processes and offerings in this highly competitive market.

Guest Feedback Can hardly Replace Mystery Guesting Results

Hotels and resorts generate numerous feedbacks through booking portals. This feedback gives management and owners a tendency, how guests value the hotel and its services. In addition, it mostly allows the direct interaction with guests, which should be used in case of negative feedback.

However, guests have varying standards. They do not check or notice the house and its services in detail and do not show how it should be according to internal standards. Guests notice the big issues, like a very unfriendly staff member or broken and worn down interior. But this level of feedback is not, what mystery guesting is about. It rather is a check, whether the daily routine of staff members and management in every detail is up to standard.

Mystery Guests check the fulfilmeht of all the major and minor aspects which finally lead to a guest having a positive or negative experience. It is guest experience management at the driver-level rather than the outcome-level,

Often, our mystery guest programs go hand in hand with trainings or coachings, like reservation sales and convention sales trainings.

Mystery Guesting Software Allows for easy Benchmarking

All hotelchecks and conferencing checks are performed based on our mystery guesting software. This allows to track, analyse and compare every single check-item (and of course all departments like Sales, Front Office, Rooms, F&B, Hardware etc.) across all hotels and over time.

For each hotel the software allows to define explicit measures, either through hotel management, regional management or central management. These measures can be tracked directly through the software system.

Our mystery guesting software also allows clients to enter checks performed by their own staff, for example as part of announced or unannounced audits.

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