Mystery Shopping is the best research methodology to identify the performance of sales and service personnel. It also gives an overview of certain processes and allows you to optimize aspects of marketing or visual merchandising.

We offer mystery shopping services with a focus on Europe and North Africa. With over 100.000 mystery shoppers in our panel, we cover almost all areas of Europe.

Mystery shopping is used in the following contexts:
•    Evaluation of sales personnel
•    Evaluation of service personnel
•    Evaluation of call-centres (mystery calling)
•    Status check for certain CD / visual merchandising requirements (for example in franchise-systems)
•    Pricing research.

We follow a standardized approach in our mystery shopping projects:
•    Identification of evaluation criteria
•    Set-up of questionnaire
•    Scheduling of mystery shoppers
•    Mystery shopper  briefings
•    Execution
•    Quality management
•    Evaluation
•    Reporting.

In many cases, we have involved personnel with criticisms or objections in the set-up process to gain support from the organization.

We have extensive experience of almost all industries, including:
•    FMCG
•    Durable goods
•    Real estate
•    Hotels / restaurants (Mystery Guest / Mystery Shopper)
•    Food
•    DIY
•    Furniture
•    Textiles, shoes, accessoires
•    Cosmetics
•    Financial services
•    Leisure / Tourism
•    Fitness
•    Fuel stations
•    Car service
•    Car dealer mystery checks

In addition we offer training programmes (service and sales) to support training initiatives as a potential result of a mystery shopping campaign.

If you are planning a mystery shopping campaign, please contact us!