Many goods and services are sold through retail organisations (stationary and online) or other networks (like branches of banks).

The more widespread these organisations and networks are, the more difficult it is to monitor standards and performance of each and every of these stores or branches.

We help our clients to keep track of relevant success factors in their stores and branches, no matter how widespread these are located. We focus on the following success factors:

  • Performance of local sales and service organsations. We track this through trained mystery shoppers who regularly visit all relevant locations
  • Uniform application of standards (processes, visual merchandising, etc.). This we also track through mystery shopping or through open audits performed by trained auditors
  • Inventory checks. Trained auditors perform inventory tasks on site to quickly and regularly give an overview on local assets.
  • Vehicle stock control. Similar to inventory checks we send in trained auditors to check vehicle stocks on site to verify the value of asset backed financial arrangements
  • Business audits. Highly qualified auditors visit predefined locations and perform a business audit that covers managerial tasks, procedures and outcomes as well as accounting standards
  • Loss prevention. Trained auditors visit predefined locations to either test and ensure processes to prevent fraud or to discover fraudulent practices incl. sale of counterfeits

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