Hospitality is a growing market in many markets around the glob. The guest experience is one of the key success factors for hotels and resorts. Globis’ Hospitality Consulting Practice helps to create, track and expand superior guest experience.

Diversifying Hospitality Market

Guest Experience in Restaurant

The individual travellers market is getting more and more differentiated. Offers are tailored to a specific group of travellers like business, leisure, sports, family with kids, singles, etc. Hotels and resorts themselves are becoming a reason to visit. They are not just an exchangable option to visit a particular destination. In a great guest experience, they are a main part of the destination.

In the conferencing segment, process efficiency in sales needs to go along with creating a unique experience for the buyers as well the attendees. Other aspects like green meetings are also becoming important issues which pose new challenges to the industry.

Our Services

Globis’ Hospitality Consulting Practice helps to create and manage a superior guest experience. We offer a range of professional services to hospitality companies, that are unique and competitive:

  • Trendscouting: Through a network of trendscouts travelling in major destinations, we highlight upcoming trends or compelling ideas for a unique guest experience
  • Mystery Guesting: Through our large, worldwide pool of hotel tester we can quickly execute large mystery guesting programmes. As many hotel testers are locals with a very good understanding of international guest expectations, we can execute mystery guesting programmes at very low costs
  • Mystery Calling: To check and improve reservation or conferencing departments, we offer reservation checks across the globe.
  • Trainings and Coachings: We draft comprehensive training and coaching programmes and execute them through our network of hospitality training professionals. We ensure that training programmes are not standard courses but tailored to the needs of the client. See for example our reservation sales training and convention sales training program.
  • Service certifications: Based on the ServiceCert standard, we audit the guest experience of hotels, resorts and restaurants. The standard ensures a superior understanding and execution of an excellent guest experience.
  • Competition Checks and Benchmarking: We benchmark our client’s competitors to improve our client’s processes and offerings based on best practice in the market. See our sample case study.

In addition, we offer ad-hoc and tailormade solutions for other research and consulting projects. For example, check our case study on catalogue tests for holiday homes.

We also offer our mystery guesting software for hotelchecks on a standalone basis.


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