The health care sector is one of most regulated sectors in Germany. Each part of the value chain is rather strictly regulated. Nevertheless, Germany is a big pharmaceutical market and provides ample opportunities for foreign players.

Our experience covers almost all sectors of the German health care system:

Pharmaceutical companies: We support pharmaceutical companies to better understand their potential customers (doctors, pharmaciess, patients), to keep track of market developments like channels and pricing and to identify new attractive markets. We also help to define sales strategies and to set-up new sales and distribution channels.

Pharmacies: We support pharmacies to design their product range and product placement so as to achieve best sales results. We also check the quality of sales and service. For pharmaceutical companies we check the willingness to recommend their products as well as the competence in selling certain products.

Hospitals: We support hospitals to better understand their sales channels like direct marketing to overseas patients as well as co-operations with local doctors.


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