Strategies form the core of your business.

Overall, strategies define the market segments with a company wants to target with its products and services. In relation to the competition strategies define the way a company and its products and services are unique (USP). In relation to corporate departments like sales, purchasing etc. they define how a company wants to organize itself.

Strategies are always ment to last several years, although changes may become necessary much earlier. Strategies depend on the overall goal, a companies vision. To develop a strategy, one needs to understand customer needs today and in the future as well as external factors like current and new competitors and regulations. Needs strongly depend on possibilities and choices, which changes in the course of technical advancements and sociological change.

We offer several tools to analyse, prepare and define suitable and successful strategies and also help to implement them:

  • Trend analyses
  • Market analyses
  • Market segmentation
  • Strategy development and strategy audits
  • Market entry strategies
  • Sales strategies
  • Business Development
  • Organizational development.