Covering new markets is always a challenge: Different languages, different legal environment, different customs and different priorities and perception of potential customers pose a challenge you have to overcome. If you are well prepared, chances to be successful increase dramatically. If not, it is often a waste of time and effort.

If you consider selling your products or services to German consumers or businesses, we are the ideal partner to help you being successful. We know the German market and we understand the choices, German consumers make. And we have a good understanding of the markets in Austria and Switzerland.

We offer solutions from the following range:

Entry assessment: Before you can enter the German market, you might have to fulfill certain criteria. We investigate the criteria and show you the way to get prepared. These can be technical preconditions with corresponding certification, certain compulsory explanations or certain compulsory processes (for example to ensure sustainability) in place.

A second part of an entry assessment is investigating the competitive environment your product or service may be in, if present in Germany. We give you a clear view on what you can expect and what you should not expect

Homologation: We are not a technical company. But we help with homologation in terms of describing products and services and making them presentable to the German market. This, of course, done with a view to the competitive environment.

Initial product assessment: What do German consumers think of your product? Here you can quickly get feedback on the offering itself, the presentation of the offering and potential price settings. This initial product assessment can be done physically or digitally. Main answers for you include

  • Do German consumers understand your product (what is it about)?
  • Do German consumers like your product?
  • What do they like?
  • What don’t they like?
  • Which competitors do they see?
  • Which price range do they see for the offering?
  • Do they see explanations or claims on the product as beneficial?
  • Would they recommend anything to guarantee best performance?

With offices in Berlin, Vienna and Zurich we can quickly get assessment from your future customers that help you to better understand your chances and your agenda for the German market.

Market Research Berlin

Our Customer Research Studio in Berlin

The services described above are tied to specific products and services. They are not designed as a full market entry strategy with a close look at sales channels and how to acquire them. For this, we refer you to the following section.

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