Risk management is becoming increasingly important in complex organizations. In some cases, this area is regulated by extensive regulations, in others it are internal processes and guidelines that lead to corresponding audit measures.

Globis Auditing Services

We support companies in carrying out risk management audits at locations that are distributed regionally. Due to our geographically widely distributed auditor organization, we are able to provide audit services and generate real-time reports cost-efficiently and cost-effectively. Scheduling of the audits can be planned or ad hoc, depending on the client’s needs.

There are numerous use cases for this type of audit, which vary greatly according to the type of company and its risk profile:

Inventory audits: Is the booked or financed inventory available on site and in the agreed condition

Inspection of machinery: Are booked or financed machines actually available on site and in the agreed condition

Vehicle stock audits: Are booked or financed vehicles (cars, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.) actually available on site and in the agreed condition

Treasury checks: Are agreed security processes correctly implemented with regard to cash stocks

Process audits: Are risk-critical processes implemented according to the specifications (resources, work instructions, software settings and lived processes).

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