Automotive is one of the focus-industries of Globis Consulting. We have an automotive tradition of well over a decade in consulting and researching the automotive landscape worldwide.

Customer Experience is our Automotive Focus

Our focus in the automotive sector is on customer experience along the entire customer journey: For the first interest in a car or a brand up to the point when the current car is traded-in or sold directly. Today, customer experience in the automotive sector is spreading over many channels. Providing an excellent and consistent experience across these channels is a key success factor.

In addition, car makers may need to provide an entirely different customer experience by providing a different product: Mobility as a Service and its numerous models of implementation will become much more important.

In order to understand, measure and define customer experience along the customer journey of car owners we apply a large range of research methodologies, like

  1. In-depth personal interviews
  2. Focus groups
  3. Surveys
  4. Mystery shopping, mystery calling, mystery mailing (sales, service, fleets)
  5. Usability checks of desktop and mobile services.

With a pool of over 100.000 mystery shoppers and car owners across Europe and parts of Asia, ME, North Africa, we can quickly generate results and execute large scale programs like mystery shopping or surveys.

For example, for OEM and importers we conduct extensive mystery shopping programs within the sales organisations to identify improvement potential and to monitor the execution of standards across the dealership-network. For the aftermarket, OES and IAM, we have a dedicated team of service experts and car owners to conduct mystery shopping in the service organisation (garage, workshop tests). Many of these projects are supplemented by training- and coaching-programs to help realizing improvement measures identified.

Looking ahead to Understand the Automotive Challenges of the Future

We also analyse important market trends like automated and autonomous driving, car connectivity and electrical powertrains. We conduct in-depth interviews, focus groups or Delphi Panels to understand future market developments as well as the key purchase criteria of customers.

Electrical car provides new customer experience
Car sharing: Alternative to traditional car ownership

In addition, we regularly monitor Emerging Automotive Markets, to understand the chances and risks for OEM, supplier and aftermarket specialists. Mostly, this market research is tailored to clients. In some cases we publish generic market reports as a starting point for companies to understand the respective market and its attractiveness.

Auditing Services to Guarantee uniform Customer Experience

Within our pool of mystery shoppers we have a dedicated auditor program, which includes highly qualified professionals who can perform dealer audits to verify the compliance of the network with company standards. This safeguards a uniform customer experience and high professional standards at all touchpoints to the customer.

For car financing institutions like Automotive Banks or Commercial Banks we conduct risk management audits of vehicle stocks.

We work for some of the largest OEM, tier 1 and 2 supplier, IAM service provider and other players related to the automotive industry.

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