Tapping the German market of over 80 mio. consumers, it is helpful to understand the mentality of German consumers.

Security is key to German consumers

German consumers seek security. Products and services need to work and fulfill its promises. There is not much acceptance of premature products or Alpha- or Beta-stage market introductions. Here, certainly, the engineering driven mentality of Germans comes into play.

Also, German consumers are rather suspicious. If something is new or different, for most of German consumers it is something potentially dangerous and it may be considered to be dubious. The German word is “unseriös” and it is used quite often. This is even more the case the more heavily the product or service is advertised with empurpled language.

As a third important “value”, German consumers are heavily price sensitive. If you visited the supermarket-Chain Aldi or Lidl, no know what this is about. Price drives a big share of the market. An exception to price consciousness is superior engineering products like cars (very expensive in Germany).

Of course, as in other markets as well, there is a share of the German market that works differently to what we have described above. There is a luxury segment and of course Germans buy Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Rolex and the like. Having said this, to show a high level of luxury in daily live is considered fairly inappropriate.

These fundamental consumer attitudes set the playing ground for new market entrants: Clear speech, functionality and value driven, moderate pricing

Services for quick assessments of your product

To define exactly, what German consumers value in a particular product group, we set up focus groups in our studios in Berlin or conduct surveys based on our own online panel. We can quickly generate first and in-depth insight into what German consumers think. In addition, we get quick evaluations on a particular product by presenting the product either digitally or physically (in our test studios or in the street) to potential consumer.

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